Sambungan from Nanie

Salam op...

Sambungan lg ni...Hahaha kesanggupan yek..masing2 de cite sndri.. rindu gak la time dulu2..probs sume letak tepi jek time dlm channel kg psg yg dulu..

Klu bg aku la kan~~~

1. Same jek ngn korg..jage mlm smpai pagi n then trus g kelas kul 8 pg.. ni mmg xleh blah..walopon bengong2 still sggup sebab channel neh..

2. Rajin la duk menginvite x kne gaye..padahal msg2 xtaw pape..ekekee.. smpai kne banned segale..

3. Aku admit,sbb on9 irc yg mlmpau gak..result aku jatuh teruk..sbb pe, buku malas nk ngadap..dlm kelas ngntuk,,xdpt perform...blik kelas tdo..blenye nk stdy..mlm on9..ahakss.. kesanggupan melampau...

4. Laptop jrg off n mengakibatkan skrg lappy ku rosak..batteri rosak..segalenye ar..penternak virus yg berjaye mengilngkn segle assignment ku n segale diary2 ctatan yg prnh aku smpan..

5. Becinte lam channel x henggat..ahakss.. no komen yek :)

6. Ni slh satu blog..kesanggupan sume nk post bloh segale..haha..

tu jek yg dapat aku pk wat mase ni..


I look at them and my anger ranges like an ocean, a vast sea of wasted feelings n precious time.
hurt by d things they say and do 2 me dat they dont think i hear o they dont think i'll find out.
as word get between us until.neither of us know wut 2 say n nuting is left 2 do but turn around n look d other way.telling lies 2 let d other 1 know who's x hurt d most.when rilli all it does is tear me up inside..I want 2 talk 2 try 2 work things out and repair d rieft dat keep growing.but words get in d way.we get angrier n more frust.but how do i expain?how i feel n how much i want.spend d past nite, eat buger 2 gether, wacthing muvie..until we laugh.n do all things dat used 2 b important.but are now forbidden bcoz 1 of us might let our guard down n say o do sumthing dat will make d other angry..but sumhow as i sit here n write diz x becoz 1 want 2 but 1 have 2 4 u n 4 myself n im smilling again bcoz i know they will read diz n understant it n me n d way i feel.bcoz they olways have n i know they owez will.Its dat bond dat reaches over oceans n repairs torn hearts sumtin dat only a bes fwen can understand..
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